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My name is Suraj and I founded Startup Packs in 2023 after struggling to set up my own home office. As an entrepreneur and blogger, I wanted to create an optimal working environment but found it difficult to figure out which products were really worth the investment. There were so many choices for things like standing desks, ergonomic chairs, webcams, etc. and conflicting reviews made it hard to decide what would be the best fit.

After a lot of trial and error with various products, I finally created my ideal home office setup tailored to my needs. But I realized many other entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and remote workers likely faced the same challenges. That inspired me to launch Startup Packs – a website dedicated to cut through the clutter and provide honest, unbiased reviews on home office equipment and technology.

Here at Startup Packs, our mission is:

To help entrepreneurs, small business owners, remote workers, and solopreneurs create productive and ergonomic home offices that enhance their success through reviews of the best equipment, tools, and systems.

We spend hours rigorously research and testing products so you don’t have to. We break down all the features and compare options head-to-head so you can easily determine what works best for your unique needs and budget.

Whether you’re looking to build a standup desk setup, choose an online collaboration tool, upgrade your video conferencing, or optimize your home wifi network, Startup Packs has got you covered. We’re here to save you time, money, and frustration in setting up awesome home office.

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