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How To Stop Overthinking And Live Freely In 6 Effective Ways

Thinking gives solutions to many problems as well as new ideas. Your memory makes you. But for many people, these memories and thinking take over their minds. They continue to imagine things that probably are never going to happen to them. Or their minds replay again and again dreadful memories. Overthinking about everything affects you badly. Overthinking is not any disease. But overthinking prevents you from great success. Worrying about the future and predicting catastrophic results lefts you desperate.

The question is how to stop overthinking and worrying?

How To Stop Overthinking Everything

To stop overthinking and relax you don’t need any rocket science.  A little bit of effort and practice can help you to stop overthinking about anything. Here are 6 ways to stop overthinking.

  1. Self-Awareness
  2. Distract Yourself
  3. Focus On The Solution
  4. Try To Be In A Light Mood
  5. Face Your Fears
  6. Live In The Present Moment

1. Self-Awareness

Learning bout the triggers for your behavior can help you to change the result. Whenever you start overthinking about anything, note your behavior. How do you respond to your repetitive thinking? Does it make you feel excited, happy? If it affects your mood badly or left you in guilt? Self-awareness can be key for you to think positively and productively.

2. Distract Yourself

Replaying terrible incidents of the past in your mind does not allow you to move on. How to stop overthinking the past is the question? When rumination tries to engage you, involve in an amusing activity. Try to find out an activity that you enjoy and make it your habit. Learning something new will make you feel productive. Here are few ideas on how to stop overthinking and relax.

  • Painting: Playing with colors have a pleasant effect on mood. It works even if you’re not good at drawing.
  • Workout: Exercise makes you feel excited and energetic.
  • Cooking: Go to the kitchen and try a new recipe. After making it, eat every bite of it enjoying it fully.

3. Focus On The Solution

Identifying your problems is a good thing but sticking to them is not.  You need to find the solutions to your problems. If the situation is not out of control yet, take n action. Place all the matters in the right place. But if it is something you have no control over, find the best ways to cope with it.

4. Try To Be In A Light Mood

Don’ take things too seriously and personally. If you’re not able to do something perfectly, it is ok!   The company hired someone else for the post you also applied for, try once more. If someone is busy in his life, it does not mean nobody cares about you. To stop overthinking, look at the opportunities, and your beloved ones who are here to support you.

5. Face Your Fears

Fear to get destructive results stops you from making a decision. Overthinking may tell you, you are going to destroy everything. Considering so many options but not able to stick to one. Take a deep breath and take action. It’s harder done than said. Start with little things. As time goes on, get rid of your biggest fear.

6. Live In The Present Moment

Overthinking makes you live in the past or future. Do you always think what if I would have done this? Or it can be better in the other way. These thoughts never let you enjoy your time fully. Enjoy the beauties you have right now in your life. Meditation can help you recognize the best of you and your life.

To put it in nutshell, train your mind and building healthier habits can help to stop overthinking. Once you get rid of overthinking, you will notice positive impacts in your life. It will make your and other’s life beautiful. Till that try to be happy and positive.

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Written by Sehar Tabassum

Sehar Tabassuum is a freelance writer. She spends most of her time reading and watching videos. She often tries to draw and a pint. She loves to travel and is always eager to learn new things. Being happy is her core value.


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